Oil & Gas Services

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Differentiating our performance through innovation.

Exploration & production

We’re meeting the world’s growing demand for energy


The Maxwell Oil & Gas company is a renown leader, proof-tested at working in extremely difficult environments, both onshore and offshore. We have major operations set up in some of the world’s most important oil and gas regions.

Our upstream business combines technological and environmentally-friendly innovations and the effective use of technology to maximize mature fields, discover new resources and meet the world’s growing demand for energy.


Pipeline Services

Throughout all these years in the business, we've gotten an extensive experience when it comes to the construction of 2 in. to 60 in. pipelines. Our expertise includes…

Geoscience Research

At Maxwell Oil & Gas Services, we always offer a complete range of services, from geoscience data collection and analytics to data management to geological and reservoir 3D.


Our natural resources engineering expertise has standards, best practices, processes and requirements much higher than the industry-standard ones...


When it comes to having the ability to access the best Liner Hangers, Drilling Bits, Production and Wellheads, we have an exclusive cooperation going on.



New Drilling Method Opens Vast Oil Fields In Us


When it comes to the world of oil& & gas drilling, new technologies are always crucial for a success. Just recently a

USGS downgrades oil, gas estimates for Monterey formation, San Joaquin basin


Newest development in the CA state legislature made it obligatory to add a solar panel or two atop of any newly built

Demanding ‘Big Oil’ pay its fair  share


While everyone in the industry knows very well, that the US Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) attended a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing…